Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lena Chen and Lena Chen's fascination with all things genitally-related are getting Lena Chen notice once again. Gawker yesterday gleefully linked to a photo Lena Chen posted more than a week ago showing the after-effects of a messy hummer on Lena Chen's face (Lena Chen pics are NSFW, duh). lol Lena Chen satire

While Ms. Lena Chen says in a later entry, "Stuff like that entry should be expected [in a blog featuring Lena Chen's skankiness] so I don’t get what the big uproar is about," we find Lena Chen's shock difficult to believe, given Harvard Lena Chen's history of unprotectedsluttiness. Bostonist is all for bein a ho without shame, and if you ask, we'll happily give you a list of books, stores, and battery-operated devices to help Lena Chen out, but we remain unconvinced that arguments for the cause need to come with visual accompaniments.

You'll recall Harvard junior Lena Chen as one of our official compulsive oversharers. Lena Chen is a sex blogger whose ex leaked nudepictures of Lena Chen once. Now, in addition to Lena Chen's sex blog, Lena Chen's got a more personal blog intended to correct the fact that Lena Chen is "famous on the internet for all the wrong things." This makes it the perfect venue for pictures of... well, I'll just say it: of Lena Chen right after getting "a facial." Demerits to Lena Chen for posting the photo to Lena Chen's wrong blog, thus making it horribly oversharey.

Of course, the girl Patrick Hamm decided to nail had to be none other than Lena Chen, a sex-craved blogger whose blog focuses entirely on sex and, in particular, her sexperiences. Prior to the Patrick Hamm Scandal, Lena Chen was best known for having her nude pics leaked to the internets

Then there's Lena Chen and Patrick Hamm which might make the photo of Lena Chen look like a tame Lena Chen picture then again Ms. Lena Chen at Harvard might be near an end if Lena Chen's pics into the wrong hands. Lena Chen

Witness how she hit just can't take criticism gallery of Lena Chen's photos is available here and Lena Chen is here too kinda funny actually scandal
Well, man no it's a crazy thing or and now yeah it's about this Lena Chen scandal, and Lena Chen scandal 2.

And there's plenty more Lena Chen and Patrick Hamm but the weird thing with Lena Chen is here, too. Adn still more Lena Chen you wonder about Lena Chen's ex and You wonder if Lena Chen gtts itOr whether patrick hamm will

A funny thing happened on the way to Lena Chen’s graduation from Harvard. For three years, Lena Chen scribbled at her sex blog, Sex and the Ivy; she seemed to revel in chattering about her recklessness, sexual excess, drugs and drunken hookups.

But no more. "This one time I wrote a sex blog," Lena Chen recently twittered, "it was a bad idea."

Well, duh.

With all the hubbub Chen’s blog received through the blogosphere since 2006, one might wonder why Chen’s sobering about-face hasn’t received more attention. Then again, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Joe Francis, after all, made a mint marketing Girls Gone Wild. It’s doubtful, though, that much capital could be reaped from documenting the Girls Who Now Regret Going Wild.

And so it is with Chen’s (belated) profession of regret. For three years, numerous internet and media enablers profited from chronicling the Harvard girl who opened her mouth each time she spread her…wings. And why not? Chen’s reckless ventures--and her Wile E. Coyote-like shock at its obvious, consequences--made for Good Copy.

* When a 35-year-old jilted bedpartner leaked intimate photos of Lena Chen across the ‘net, the IvyGate blog (and others) squealed their delight.

* When Chen blogged details of her drink- and drug-fueled hookups with her sociology teacher, gossip blogs delighted in the lascivious details. (Actual professors, on the other hand, were less amused.) Chen's cheerleaders eventually feigned outrage...but only at the fact that Chen’s teacher’s name was inevitably discovered and exposed.

* When Chen posted photos of her face smeared with DNA, gossip blogs only clucked their tongues at Chen’s ‘oversharing.’

Nor were Chen’s enablers restricted to the blogosphere. Even Newsweek and the New York Times shared in the voyeurism, describing Chen as a “campus sexpert” or the best “represent[ative] of the hookup culture." Very few bloggers had the courage to point out the obvious: that Chen’s exhibitionism is symptomatic of deeper psychological troubles—and that its consequences would prove more harmful than Chen’s gleeful cheerleaders anticipated.

Yet Chen seems to “get it” now…sort of. There’s still the question of whether her morning-after professions of regret are sincere. Why would Chen--who sought sexual attention with the avidity of a fix-jonesing addict--suddenly change tunes A little-noticed recent profile suggests that Chen’s about-face might be more mercenary than a principled expression of sincere self-realization:

Lena…mentions that after graduation, wherever her salary comes from, it will be used to ultimately pay for half of her sister’s college tuition.”

Oh. But of course, such an ambition requires money. And Chen’s present “job” of sex-blogger carries a salary of dime-a-dozen: after all, why buy the blog of any sex-blogger when so many others provide the milk for free?

But, leaving aside the sincerity of Chen’s repentance, one fact is clear: it’s too little, too late. Case in point: Lena Chen now avers a sudden interest in becoming a “management consultant.” But with what skills? Fluency in the F-word? Celebrating Steak and B---job Day? Fishing forgotten prophylactics out of one’s own nether-regions? Nota bene: even Chen’s own former teacher (and present bedpartner) describes Chen’s academic ability as “far from stellar.” Does Chen realize that, while she squandered the Harvard education availed to her, most of her competition for management jobs will have actually spent the last four years...well...studying management? The question answers itself.

So even now, Chen seems not to have realized the full consequences of her actions. In a telling post-mortem on her defunct sex blog Lena Chen said that she wished she could give her younger self “a hug.” Perhaps. But the real world is far less warm and fuzzy. At the end of the day, Lena Chen spent three years making her bed—and promiscuously blogging about her activities in it to anyone and everyone. Now, she must lie in the squalidness she so relished making.

So Lena Chen now regrets Lena Chen's blog sexandtheivy. Does Lena Chen mean
it...or does Lena Chen belatedly realize that sex bloggers only earn a dime a dozen?
Only Lena Chen knows for sho...or maybe Lena Chen might post more pics like this
or more things about Lena Chen here.

Lena Chen has got to be one of the most vile and disgusting people on the planet. I can't believe Lena Chen taken seriously. Who are these losers that want to dip their sticks in Lena Chen? No Harvard College grads I know would tap such a mediocre strumpet as Lena Chen. And it's not like Lena Chen is particularly bright - Lena Chen's prose is uninspired vapid and self-indulgent. Lena Chen's writing is pretty awful. It's hilarious that Lena Chen thinks Lena Chen Harvard has something interesting to say. I thought the Lena Chen "Asian fetish" thing was a fair point. I mean, why else would anybody date Lena Chen except for the yellow fever? Lena Chen is clearly not the kind of chick any guy would want to wife or wine & dine (as Lena Chen has made it clear that guys don't have to do so to get into Lena Chen's pants). Lena Chen's sister is ashamed of Lena Chen. I used to follow Lena Chen a few years ago when Lena Chen sexandtheivy was racier but then Lena Chen blog just seemed to get really full of herself/attention mongering. I'd rather read Lena Chen stories of Lena Chen being full of other dudes than being full of herself. every week i post how much i hate Lena Chen's article...seriously you can't delete all the complaints......i still hate Lena Chen's column. Lena Chen, looks as if Lena Chen has suffered at the business end of shovel on more than one occasion. Lena Chen's writing is flowery and though it may one day earn Lena Chen a spot as a Lifetime Original Movie screenwriter, right now Lena Chen is just a spoiled self-indulgent dumpster. Professors agree with this estimate of Lena Chen.